Meet The Doc

Meet Dr. David M. Claggett

Dr. Claggett graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has received certification in technique and philosophy through Advanced HIO Knee Chest and Upper Cervical Revolution. Additionally, he has completed other supplementary courses and seminars to further his knowledge and experience in all things chiropractic. He has a passion to care for families, and his goal for practice is to help as many people as possible unlock their wellness potential through chiropractic care.

How Does It Work?

It can get kind of technical, so let’s explain it in simpler terms.

You’ve probably driven a car before. If not, you’ve been in one. When you put the car into drive, you’re using gears in the transmission to tell the car to go.

It’s the same idea as what happens in your body. Your brain is the driver in the car, the gears are your nerves, and your body itself is the car.

The brain communicates to your body through the gears, or the nerves, and controls everything about your body. So far so good, right? Not too much more to it now!

Sometimes when a bone becomes out of place in your spine, it can cause interference with the signals being sent through your nerves, and this is called a subluxation.

When a Doctor of Chiropractic then “adjusts” the bone, it allows your body to restore the signals that the brain was trying to send. It completes the circuit. In other words, it puts the car into drive. Mission accomplished!

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