A Gamer's Guide to Back Pain Relief in Pataskala

Playing for an extended period of time with incorrect posture is one of the reasons why most gamers suffer from back pain. To help with this issue and avoid having an uncomfortable gaming experience, we've listed three ways to help alleviate the pain. For more approaches to back pain relief in Pataskala, our trusted Upper Cervical Chiropractor recommends a natural procedure that many patients have proven effective!

It's time to say goodbye to your back pain. Consult Dr. David M. Claggett of Genesis Chiropractic to learn how to alleviate your symptoms. Call us at 740-951-0011 or click the button below.

Coping with chronic lower back pain can be quite challenging. Many often turn to temporary relief, like using ibuprofen. In the long run, this solution might not seem sustainable. To help you relieve your pain better, we've shared a safe and natural alternative for back pain relief that will surely work wonders! Our trusted chiropractor in Pataskala can provide more insight and answer your queries.

It's time to say goodbye to your back pain. Consult Dr. David M. Claggett of Genesis Chiropractic to learn how to alleviate your symptoms. Call us at 740-951-0011 or click the button below.

athletes, low back pain relief in Pataskala OH

Are you an athlete looking for low back pain relief in Pataskala OH? Have you struggled with sciatica pain since you hurt your neck and head during a heated match? Do you experience discomfort while going for a run before your usual training routine? Were there times when the pain felt so bad, you couldn't get out of bed or do a simple task? 

So you begin to wonder, what's causing all this pain and discomfort? Chances are, your low back stems from sciatica – one of the country's usual and most excruciating health conditions. Studies list several possible triggers of sciatica ranging from obvious causes like disc degeneration to undetected issues like neck or head trauma.


Why Athletes Are Prone to Sciatica or Low Back Pain

Athletes are no stranger to injuries during a competition or even while training. Many suffer from a muscle tear or a sprained ankle, while others get into a nasty concussion or whiplash injury. Unfortunately, no matter how quickly they heal, these injuries can significantly impact the body for a long time. For example, head or neck injuries can lead to postural problems and increase risks for chronic concerns like sciatica or lower back pain.

When you suffer from a mild to severe blow to your neck, the topmost bones, called the atlas and axis, can shift out of place. Subsequently, the head tilts at an awkward angle, forcing the rest of your spinal bones to twist away from the body's central axis; this affects various structures along the spine, including the sciatic nerve. 

As you might know, the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve bundle in the body. It transmits signals from the brain, brainstem, and spinal column to your lower back, hips, legs, feet, and toes.


4 Ways Athletes Like You Can Alleviate the Pain

Although sciatica is indeed a highly debilitating health concern, it's not impossible to find an effective source of low back pain relief in Pataskala OH. Below are some of the best examples of remedies you can try:   

#1. Retrace the root cause of your low back pain

Now, while it's likely that your pain stems from spinal misalignments, you should be 100 percent certain of your condition before you start any procedure or explore remedies. A quick examination will help determine if you have other low back pain-causing conditions like spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, or degenerative disc diseases.  

#2. Exercise, but make sure to listen to your body

Chronic conditions like sciatica can cause major setbacks to your workout plans. Notably, many athletes shrug off their symptoms and still push their bodies to the limit. Most often than not, this causes more harm than good. And it could slow down the body’s ability to heal and recover.

So, while it helps to stay active despite having low back pain, we strongly suggest keeping an eye on how your body responds to your chosen exercise regimen. Listen to your body and adjust your workout accordingly.

athletes, low back pain relief in Pataskala OH

#3. Embrace a healthier version of yourself! 

Living with a debilitating health problem like sciatica can be mentally taxing. It can push you to make the wrong choices for your health, such as reclining on the couch for long hours and binge-eating junk foods. It could also increase the risks of getting addicted to substances like alcohol, nicotine, or pain relievers. 

Now, if you want to speed up your recovery and prevent further damage to affected structures like your sciatic nerve, you should keep embracing a healthy lifestyle. Avoid inflammation-causing food and other products that pose risks for additional health problems like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. 

#4. Seek upper cervical care leading source of low back pain relief in Pataskala OH

As we mentioned above, sciatica or low back pain can sometimes stem from atlas bone misalignment. So, you might find it helpful to book a consultation and check if you might need to receive upper cervical care. Countless individuals seeking effective ways to ease their low back pain and care for their spine have found success in upper cervical chiropractic care.

Thanks to its gentle and holistic approach, it also applies to a broad spectrum of patients, including young people active in sports and about-to-retire athletes and their coaches. If you have a history of hurting your head or overextending your neck during a sports competition, we strongly recommend giving upper cervical care a try.

Book your consultation with Dr. Claggett today to get a comprehensive assessment of your upper cervical spine to determine out if it has something to do with your low back pain.


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If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

Back pain can stem from several different factors, which is why it is one of the most common health complaints in the world. Check out the top seven causes of upper middle back pain. Our trusted upper cervical chiropractor in Pataskala also shares a natural solution to this problem.


It's time to say goodbye to your back pain. Consult Dr. David M. Claggett of Genesis Chiropractic to learn how you can alleviate your symptom. Call us at 740-951-0011 or click the button below.

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